Our Story

We drew inspiration for Art on Audrey from our home, Long Island, and all of our favorite things about it. And what better spot on Long Island than Oyster Bay? From the beautiful views of the water to the wonderful community, there's a reason Billy Joel saw the "Magic" in this town.

Being located on Audrey Avenue, we couldn't help but think of style icon Audrey Hepburn, and wanted to mirror her elegant and graceful aesthetic. We look to her for inspiration and a splash of sophistication, and hope others will feel her essense when they come to visit.

When thinking the kinds of things that we'd want to sell in our store, we knew immediately that art, more specifically local art, would be the cornerstone of our business. We wanted a space where the community could gather for events related to art, whether it be for gallery showings, or to buy pieces from local artists.

To offer something truly unique, we also wanted our store to be a place for local treasures- we are huge fans of antiques and items with a great story, and what better way to tell these stories than by offering a collection of consignment items? With a highly curated collection, we believe that there truly is something for everyone.

Our symbol, the topiary, is a plant that is artisanly shaped, representing the way we want to grow our store, and nurture it in just the right way to create something beautiful.

If you love New York, then you'll feel right at home at Art on Audrey.